apu_ttAPU Timetable CLI Ivan Tham <>26 hours
ateAPU Timetable Export Ivan Tham <>6 weeks
bananaHosts client plugin for Tor NS API Ivan Tham <>19 months
cTits and bits of a learner's road in C programming Ivan Tham <>11 months
dotfilesPickfire's fireproof configurations Ivan Tham <>2 weeks
dwmsdwm status bar customized prefectly for myself Ivan Tham <>11 months
etcPickfire alpine et cetera (/etc) files Ivan Tham <>
life-hsHaskell Game of Life Ivan Tham <>5 months
primehello world using prime calculator using different methods Ivan Tham <>24 months
sikSlide Image Kiosk in Web Ivan Tham <>12 months
sptSimple pomodoro timer that doubles your efficiency Ivan Tham <>24 months
sssgSimple static site generator built for parallelism and minimalism Ivan Tham <>2 years
travelExperimental travel portal in Sanic Ivan Tham <>17 months broken down into tiny pieces Ivan Tham <>3 months
aportsPickfire's fork of Alpine aports tree Ivan Tham <>3 months